Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Foxy Brown in Downtown Fort Lauderdale
I am on a roll this week with blogs, I hope I can keep it up. Checked out last night The Foxy Brown in downtown Fort Lauderdale. They are located on the north side of Broward Blvd, just east of US1. The location is deceiving and it really isn't in a hotbed of culinary activity being that it is off Las Olas, and not close to anything else. Parking was easy enough behind the restaurant and we came in the back door, which made sense to us but the hostess is by the front door, oh well we got it covered.

This place is small and tight, if you are claustrophobic you might want to sit outside. We got a table quickly and started to look at the menu. The choice of food is almost as limited as the amount of seats, not a huge menu, but everything sounded very good. The style is new American, it is a little of everything from Fish and Chips, to beef-a-roni, to Chicken and spaetzle. The wine and beer menu is much more extensive than the food menu. Lots of great craft beers so I was happy. We started with an appetizer special, the Cherry Bombs, hollowed out tomatoes filled with sausage and herbs, covered in a wonton wrapper and deep fried, with also the fried green beans. Both appetizers not only were delicious but served very fast and piping hot.

After the appetizers and before the main course we were delivered warm wet towels like you would get at a sushi restaurant, very nice little touch, unexpected and appreciated. For dinner I had the clam bake special ($24.00) all the seafood was cooked perfectly and the broth was briny and satisfying. The only issue was I didn't have enough bread to soak it all up. Not that I needed it, I had too much food already. Carole had the Mabel's Chicken ($18.00), chicken thighs served with spaetzle with a delicious gravy. Our friend Scott also went for a special, the fried clam strips with Old Bay seasoned fries ($19.00). They were good, but for the most part unmemorable.


Dinner did not take long at all from sit down to clean up, you don't feel rushed but service was prompt and efficient to turn the tables and get more clients in to this small space. We opted out of desert, but not before the warm wet towels showed up again. I really liked that! Dinner for 3 with 2 appetizers 5 beers and 3 entrees was priced at $108.00. For what we got it was a great meal and I will be back.


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