Thursday, May 24, 2012

A weekend dining trip to South East Asia and beyond.

A couple of weeks ago I tried 2 new Vietnamese places. One was the best that I have had in a long time, one was okay. I have been meaning to write about it and I hadn't found the time. I also didn't know if I should tell everyone or keep this secret to myself. I am a kind giving person and I want The Hot Pot to succeed so here is my review.

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night a friend and I decided to hit up a brand new
Pho restaurant in downtown Hollywood, Pho Vi. Walking in was like walking into
a white room with brown tables, because that is what it was.

Nothing on the walls, nothing exciting and we began to
cringe that the food was going to be as boring as the place itself. Our waiter,
who I will refer to as Miss Siagon, was interesting. He had no ideas about the
drinks they serve, and was confused when we handed two credit cards to pay the
bill at the end of dinner.

The food itself was good, Pho is not something that I
NEED but more of an occasional want. We each decided to get the small special
Pho and split a Banh Mi sandwich. The soup was big and full of flavors and
different meats, noodles, and vegetables. By choosing the special Pho the meats
were different cuts of beef, I think some pork, sausage, and tripe. All of the
meats together gave the broth a delicious taste and was one of the best bowls
that I have had. The sandwich had pork, chicken, and beef along with daikon,
and carrots on a very good roll.

It was a good sandwich, nothing to do run around
screaming eureka about, but good enough. 
Again I could live without Pho, it isn’t something that I crave. I will
definitely go back, but it will not be a weekly thing.

While Friday was not a flop, it definetly paled in comparison to the Saturday night
restaurant and I plan on going there regularly. Saturday we went to The Hot Pot on Stirling road, in
Hollywood/Davie/Dania (I have no idea what city it is in, I found it in all
three on a Google search). Walking in we found it also bland. Come on people step it up and put something on the walls.

We sat down at the table that each has its own burner for cooking the hot pots.
We went there for one reason only, crawfish. The owner, who is from Vietnam,
lived for a long time in both New Orleans, and Hawaii and his restaurant is
representative of all of the foods he liked in each place. It is kind of a
hodgepodge but it works so well together. The crawfish were live and cost $9.99
per pound. Carole, Jesse, and I ordered 5 lb’s of the mud bugs along with corn,
potatoes, and sausage.

The way that they handle the crawfish is by the pound and then you pick your sauce, garlic butter, lemon pepper, rajun cajun, or the She Bang. The She Bang is taking all the spices and sauces and mixing them together into something that was sent down from the gods up above. These crawfish did not have a chance. When we were done there was only shells, we sucked everything out of the heads and tails, and there was a point that I was using a spoon to suck up the rest of the sauce. It was an amazing meal, and the presentation while a little odd really worked. The crawfish were delivered in a plastic bag full of all their spicy goodness on top of some thick paper. When dinner was done, cleanup was easy.

One word of warning, the crawfish are good but don't eat too many of them. Their beignets are good, not Cafe du Monde good, but some of the best that I have had in SOFLA. Also the sweetened condensed milk on the side makes them even better.

Do yourself a favor and make your way over to The Hot Pot. Try Pho Vi if you need some Pho, but you have to go to The Hot Pot!

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