Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seafood World, Lighthouse Point. They have been there forever for a reason!

"In 1976 Joy and Hugh Ganter opened Seafood World in Lighthouse Point, Florida. After many
years in the Bahamas, they had a clear ideal of the kind of restaurant they wanted and that
focus has never changed. They serve the freshest seafood in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
where recipes are simple and tasteful. Sauces and spices enhance, but don't overpower the seafood."

I couldn't have said this better myself.  Papa Hughie and his staff at Seafood World have been turning out the best seafood meals, for longer than I have been alive. I only recently discovered this place, and I don't know where I have been this whole time. Walking in it looks more like a fish mongers shop then a restaurant, but turn the corner and there are tables and chairs that offer some of the best meals you could ask for.

It is unfortunate that in South Florida it is hard to find a good fish restaurant. There are a few, but they are far between. When company comes it is always hard because they think, "you live between Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, you should have the best fish places" that is not always the case. Seafood World has to be the best fish place that I have come across, north of the Keys. The driftwood style walls, and the fish mounts makes this place look authentic, and gets you ready for a good chunk of seafood, to go along with an ice cold beer.
We started off this meal with the Mama's Conch Salad, which I thought could have a little more flavor, but the conch was tender and was tasty and lots of it. Every appetizer salad that I have had there has been good, the seaweed salad and the calamari salad have so much complexity with flavor, and are out of this world.

The last time I was there, I had the Hog fish, a god awful ugly creature, with the sweetest flavor. It is amazing that you are what you eat, the hog fish eat small crustaceans and you can tell it by the texture and flavor of its flesh.This time I had the swordfish Livornese, which had a large piece of fish covered in a caper, olive, tomato sauce and served with choice of potato or rice and salad or coleslaw. Carole went for the seared tuna, which was featured one time on Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen (not in a bad way). It was seared perfectly, leaving the fish mostly rare, and it came with the seaweed salad. My mother-in-law had the seared scallops, huge diver scallops that had a nice caramelization on the meat, and left tender and slightly rare. Perfect. My father-in-law had the fried snapper, he is a man who is very particular about his food, and where he eats. It was a "Mikey likes it" moment.

Don't expect to walk out of Seafood World hungry, or with a lot of money left over. The portions are huge, but they charge market rate for their food. The quality, and the quantity makes up for it. A little pricy, but worth it.
I don't get up to Lighthouse Point that often, it is a little far, but for this place, the food makes up for the drive. If you go for lunch try the cracked conch sandwich. Reasonably priced, lots of conch, delish!

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