Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movies at O Cinema, dinner at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Friday night we had a great meal in South Beach, Saturday we went into the design district. This area of Miami has made huge changes in the past 10 years. What once was a blighted frightening area, has had a huge transformation and is trendy and a fun place to walk around.

First we went to O Cinema, a strange little movie theater that once was a warehouse. Indistinguishably from the front as a movie theater with the exception of the large art mural walking in, doesn't make you feel as though you are going to see the next great blockbuster. Well you aren't, O Cinema  is an independent theater playing artsy, foreign, and strange movies that don't get the normal attention or large ticket sales. We wanted to see Crazy Horse, we saw the live show in Las Vegas and this seamed like it would be fun to see the behind the scenes of the show. Ticket prices were reasonable, about $10.00 each, wine and beer were very inexpensive, just about $3.00 for a plastic cup full. After waiting for the movie ahead of us to finish we visited one of the little shops in the building and picked up a little trinket for mom. When we sat down we were treated to a live burlesque show before the movie, very unexpected, very cool. The movie was good, but the experience was great, I will keep my eyes open for something else to strike my fancy and we will go there again.

Courtesy Thomas Lowey Visuals
After the movie, we drove only .2 miles to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar where I had made reservations, glad I did. We sat outside and not only did we experience a great dinners of small plates, we had a beautiful surroundings of interesting wall art. The dinner was fabulous. We ordered 4 different dishes, the short ribs, the PEI mussels and clams, the flash fried bok choy, and the special of the night the duck prosciutto salad. With the exception of the salad everything was spectacular. The duck prosciutto was cut too thick and the dressing overpowered the flavor of the duck and the arugula. The other three dishes surely made up for the one flop (which we still ate, because while it wasn't great it wasn't terrible either).

The beer and specialty drink menu was a little intimidating, but I had the Aiko, a combination of tequila and Pimms with other flavors reminding me of a margarita but different. For desert we split the coconut upside down cake, which was so hot that it burned my mouth but I didn't care because it was so good. Dinner was very reasonable, only $90.00 and parking is free so it was a great deal.

We walked around afterwards, and looked at the wall art, a free movie was being shown behind the restaurant and it looked like people just bring their lawn chairs and sit outside and watch. The art was very well done, and the Peter Tunney art gallery has some amazing works in it. It was a great evening, even though Carole was feeling her cold acting up and wanted to go home. When she feels better, and we have a reason to take some people to try something new we are definitely going back down to Wynwood.

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  1. Let's do it! We've been wanting to check out the first Saturday Art Walks and Jesse and I have yet to be disappointed on our trips to Wynwood. We were able to catch 'Page One', the New York Times documentary at that movie theater not too long ago and we loved it. They host 'OMG Dinner and a Movie' every now and then and I've been wanting to go.

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