Saturday, March 10, 2012

La Vendetta, in Hollywood. Good not great!

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Friday night is all about trying something different and this week we hit up La Vendetta. Driving down Hollywood Blvd, you can't miss the big red and black sign, and the 1956ish T-Bird out front is also a good point of reference. Before I go into the restaurant, I need to have a little rant about the city of Hollywood. About 3 months ago the Mayor and city council decided to not charge for parking anymore in downtown, great idea and thank you. Unfortunately valet parkers have swooped in like vultures and picked up about 25% of these spots and charge even more for the parking then the price used to be. I don't have a problem with the valet in general, I have a problem with their parking practices. They do not need 5-6  spots per restaurant. They need 1, and then they should move the car. Parking is free, why should I pay you $10 to park the car myself and then have you watch it. Not cool, something needs to change!
Ok, back to the review. La Vendetta spent a ton of money renovating and refinishing the old Rainbo Cafe. Rainbo has been there since the 1930's without much more than a paint job every now and then. Rainbo, before closing was a diner but started out as a casino, and had one of the original liquor licenses in Broward County after Prohibition. La Vendetta went all out, new everything including the bathrooms, which are a huge improvement. Sitting down you are treated to two different menus, one an Italian American menu, and one a Romanian. I'm not too sure why they are going after two different markets, pick one and do it really well. Everyone who works there is Romanian, from the owners, to the cooks, to the servers. My thoughts, be a Romanian restaurant, and leave the lasagna and spaghetti to the people who can do it really well.

Warm, fresh bread came out with a saucer of oil and olive dip, very nice. We also ordered an eggplant appetizer that wasn't much more than a baba ghanoush with a roasted red pepper, good, but not what I expected.

We ordered our dinner from the Romanian menu, I had the mittitei, Carole went for the grilled pork chop. For those of you who are not familiar with Romanian food mittitei is a beef, non cased sausage, usually with lots of spices, and garlic, grilled, and served with mustard. So we waited for our meal, and waited, and waited. Now downtown Hollywood isn't a bad place to wait. You can definitely people watch and the view is priceless. Hollywood with its mix of Latin, European, Canadian, and the strange make for a great vibe and a lot of fun.

When the food finally arrived, 45 min later, it was good, nothing special though. The pork chop was ok, not a lot of flavor, but not dry. I have had better mittitei. Normally the spices and seasonings stick with you for hours after your last bite, these tasted more like a partly seasoned hamburger with some Frenches yellow mustard on the side. They were tasty, but completely unmemorable.

If you want to try something new in downtown Hollywood, that is completely redone and clean, with an above average lounge singer it isn't a bad Friday night. Upstairs offers a large banquette hall for parties of 75, the bar was well stocked, and while the meal wasn't anything exceptional, it wasn't bad at all. The service was a little slow, which for the fact it was half full was upsetting, but seeing a woman push a baby stroller with a cat in it made up for the wait. I will go back, I might try something different, but I will try it again. It was good, it just wasn't awesome.

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The night, like most for us in Downtown, eroded into going to PRL across the street for a pint, and then down to Hollywood Vine for a glass of something stronger. It was a good night, great conversations with friends we met up with, and great stories too. Seriously a baby stroller with a cat!

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  1. I feel exactly the same about the valet! They should be moving the cars into the garages or something.

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