Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bertoni Brick Oven Pizza & Lounge & Car Wash

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This place is on the corner of 151 and Biscayne. Throwing distance from my work and looked promising. I heard good things from some, and then after I went I heard a lot more bad. I should have talked to more people. I wish I took pictures, but my words are all that I have of this experience.

Yes, it is attached to a car wash, but so is Karma further south and that place is great, so you can't judge a restaurant by their side business. It is hard to decide what was worse about Bertoni, the food, the service, the price point, or the strange high-top tables with high top couches you share with the people behind you. Nothing good.

We always go to the same sandwich shop for lunch. New York Big Apple Deli, they are great, a little pricey, but the sandwiches are huge, so no complaints. We wanted to try something different so we went to Bertoni and we were really disappointed. Panini's are not hard to make. Make a good sandwich, on good bread, and then press it. The bread was wrong, the meet was cut too thick, the cheese wasn't melted... Not a Panini. Also at $10.00 plus drink, plus tax and tip it was a little on the high end for what it was. I can go to the Big Apple Deli and spend that and get 2 lunches out of it.

Besides the food being lousy, the server looked about as enthused to be working there as I was to be eating there. She seemed annoyed to have to wait on us, I never got a refill on my iced tea, and then finally I had to walk up to the counter and ask for the check. We get it, you hate your job, quit, find something else. Don't serve people!

If you are hungry and need your car washed, keep driving to Karma, or spray it with the hose and go to Taco Bell, you will have a better meal, and better service.

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