Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Different Restaurants in the Same Plaza, all good.

I have just been writing about the new restaurants that I go to, and I have been neglecting my normal go-to restaurants. These three different places are all in the same strip mall on Hollywood Blvd, and all three offer a really good, affordable meal.

The strip mall is on Hollywood Blvd and 36th Avenue, behind the Wendy's and flanking the Walgreen's. China Hollywood sits at the east most storefront, Sushi N Thai, and Capone's sit just towards the west.

China Hollywood: The restaurant has been there for ages, but has recently changed owners and they went from "OK, I don't want to cook tonight" Chinese to, "really good" Chinese. For the most part, Americanized Chinese is all about the same wherever you go. The owners at China Hollywood have tried to stick to their heritage, while offering food that Americans can relate to. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are large, you don't have to worry about being hungry in 30 minutes. All meals come with white, or brown rice, which is nice and a little different from the norm of just white. They also come with the obligatory egg roll, soup, fried noodles, and a desert. My favorite by far is the hot and sour soup, I get it everywhere, and they have the best. I didn't know that the place had changed hands when we first went back, I knew as soon as I tasted the soup.

Everything is good, and made fresh, the chicken dishes use only white meat, and is tender and juicy every time I have had it. The owners are also some of the nicest people you will ever encounter and take the time to go to every table and thank them for coming. Definitely a jewel for Hollywood.

Sushi N Thai: Their sushi is good, their Thai is better. Another place that is consistent, gives good size portions and is affordable enough for a weeknight when takeout sounds a lot better then cooking. If you order online for pickup or delivery there is a discount Their Tom Ka Gai is good, I have had better, but no real complaints from me, and I get it every time. They don't have anything that jumps out as different or exciting. What really keeps us coming back is that we have never had a bad meal. The service sometimes is good, sometimes a little slow if they are busy, but the wait is never that long. Don't ask the busers for anything, they don't speak much English, if any. Everyone is very friendly, and it actually sounds pretty good for dinner tonight.

Capone's Italian Pizzeria: This is the same Capone's as in Flicker Lite on the beach. If you have tried the one east it is exactly the same, but looks newer and cleaner. The pizza is one of the best in the city. Make sure that you give yourself time, it takes about 45 min to make the deep dish but it is so worth it. Get the sauce on the top for the real Chicago flavor. Capone's Flicker Lite has been on the Hollywood Intracoastal since the 1960's, and they have a name, and a tradition. When they opened the Italian Pizzeria on Hollywood Blvd they brought this tradition with them. I always have the pizza, usually opt for the calamari or garlic rolls. The salads are always good, and they have some of the best meatballs in the world.

The Walgreen's plaza on Hollywood Blvd, and 36th Avenue really does offer 3 of the best, most consistent places. Don't go there hoping to have a world class meal, from a world class chef. Lose the tie, flip flops are fine. This is not the usual tourist hangout, no hipsters, just regular Hollywierdo's.

Enjoy my favorite haunts.

China Hollywood on Urbanspoon Sushi 'n Thai on Urbanspoon Capone's Italian Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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