Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bulldog Burger for Lunch

South Beach Wine and Food Fest is coming closer and one of the largest events every year is The Burger Bash. The “Amstel Light Burger Bash presented by Allen Brothers Steaks and Diet Pepsi hosted by Rachael Ray” is one of the most attended and most anticipated events in the SOBEWFF line-up. 29 chefs and restaurants participate annually and, Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season 3 contestant, Howie Kleinberg of Bulldog Burger always represents his terrific product.

For no reason other than the convenience of the restaurant’s location to my workplace, and the fact that my boss and I both wanted a burger, we decided to drive over and get some ground beef deliciousness. Like a lot of gastropubs or burger joints popping up, they do try to buck the system when it comes to what we consider the norm of the noble hamburger. I ordered “The Hot Mess”, a Certified Angus Beef burger with bacon candy, caramelized onion, crisp onion, roasted ‘shrooms, bleu cheese, and horseradish mayo. I went for it medium rare, it was juicy and sloppy, but good.

My boss, Dr. Upchurch, made a little mistake when ordering. He read the description for the “Luther”, crisp bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, and house sauce but stopped right before the part that said it was served on a “Crispy Cream” sweet glazed bun. The bun was covered with a frosting glaze and looked more like a donut than a hamburger bun. Dr. Upchurch was not a fan of the bun, but enjoyed the burger. The first thing he said was, “It’s good, but way too sweet!” He ate about half of it on the bun before abandoning the sweet bread and opting for the fork and knife.

Bulldog Burger is definitely not a cheap burger, but I don’t put $11-$12 out of the realm of possibility for a dinner burger, or even occasionally for lunch. They also have a pretty good beer selection, both bottle and draft. The majority are specialty craft beers, not just the “cold, cheap, yellow” variety. I would go there again, not every day, and would recommend eating lunches like this in moderation.

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