Sunday, January 29, 2012

Que Perros - Hollywood

When I decided to start this blog my idea was to try a bunch of new places that would give me an excuse to spend a little more money and eat at some really high quality places. So far I have eaten at some really good places, had some new experiences, and shared them with some great friends. For this dinner we decided to go outside of the box, actually we blew up the box.

We were watching Anthony Bourdain's new show The Layover the other night and he was in Miami eating at a Colombian hot dog joint. We both knew that there was a place like that in Hollywood but had never even thought about going to a place like it. Well last night we decided to give it a try.

We went to Que Perros! which is just west of 59th Ave on Johnson street. It has been there for 10 years serving the same thing: hot dogs, hamburgers, and some Colombian specialties. If you are one of those people who:
            A. Argue that New York hot dogs are better than Chicago style hot dog or "vice versa" or,
            B. You are 6 years old and think that a hot dog is simply a way to get more ketchup into your diet
Then this is not the place for you. If, however, you like to try something totally out of the norm, give a Colombian hot dog a chance. Que Perros! is a small place that mostly offers take-out even though there are a handful of tables inside. They stay open till 3:00am to cater to the people coming home late from the Hard Rock Casino or any number of late night bars and clubs. Why go to Taco Bell to try to soak up some of the poison you have been putting in your system all night when you can get a hot dog instead?

I went on the suggestion of the guy behind the counter who said if this was my first time I should try the El Perrito. This dog is topped with a pineapple sauce, a pink sauce (which I think is just a ketchup/mayonnaise sauce), and crushed potato chips. His second sugestion was the Scooby Doo, which is thesame as the El perrito but has quail eggs on top. I went for the Scooby. Carole went a little more normal an opted for the El ranchero, a hot dog with melted cheddar, refried beans, bacon, the same pink sauce and chips.

If that is not enough damage to our bodies we also ordered a minipicada, a side dish with enough choleserol that we thought about sprinkling Lipitor on top instead of salt. The minipicada consisted of french fries, country potatoes, chicharron, chorizo, morzilla (blood sausage), quail egg, and a grilled arepa. It also came with some different homemade sauces. My favorite was the garlic aioli. My thought is, if you are going to eat like this, cover it with mayonnaise and pray to God you wake up in the morning without a pain running from your chest down your left arm.

Because of the size of the place we decided to take it to go and catch up on some of our shows trapped on the DVR. The best thing to compliment this dinner was something cold, cheap, and yellow. Anything brewed in Denver, Milwaukee, St. Louis, or most of Mexico works well with this.

We were shocked at how good the food was, and we will probably go back, but first I am going to go for a run because I just feel guilty.

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