Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

It is New Years Eve 2011 and what do we do before we revel in the new year with friends? Go out and have a nice dinner just the two of us.

Where are we going, pretty typical question in the house. Neither one wants to make the decision in the event that where is chosen is no good and we have to endure criticism for the rest of the night for not picking a good place. After discussion I decide we should try the new place in downtown Hollywood, which neither of us can remember the name but we both know what I am talking about. Off we go.

You would expect downtown Hollywood on New Years Eve, a Saturday, at 7:00 to be a little more crowded then usual, but looks like people are staying home and resting up before the festivities. We get to Bistro 1902, parking is easy, thanks Mayor Bober for the free parking spaces, and are greeted by the host in a tux explaining to us the prix fixe menu. We stop him pretty quick tell him we don't do the whole "You decide what we want to do for dinner" but we will come in and eat off the menu.

Go in sit down, this used to be the old Beefeater restaurant before they moved across the street. New paint, new tables and chairs, odd frying pans hanging on the walls trying to do a French theme. We order a couple of glasses of wine and some water while looking at the menu and listening to the specials. My mouth starts watering as soon as the waiter talks about the New Years burger, Filet Mignon topped with Foie Gras and served with hand cut french fries. I'm in. Carole goes for the Diver scallops, pretty normal but the waiter says that is one of the most popular things on the menu.

Wine comes, in nice stemless glasses. For white I would prefer to have the stem, but oh well. The water comes in the green Coca-Cola glasses that you would expect at a diner. A little too mismatch, not too sure what their idea was there. Bread and olive butter come out, bread is stone cold and the butter is slathered onto the plate, it is softened but no presentation here. We are a little worried now of what we are going to expect with dinner.

Meals arrive, the burger is less of a burger and more of a steak sandwich. I was totally expecting ground filet mignon formed into a burger and grilled to perfection topped with the goose liver. While not what I expected, the taste was out of this world. The foie gras was perfectly seasoned, had great texture, and a really nice mineral and liver flavor. The scallops that Carole got were huge and they came with a mushroom and veggie side-dish that was not overcooked and each bite, while some flavors had melded, each vegetable still had their distinct flavor. Excellent.

For dessert we went for the chocolate mousse, they say that it is made there, and from the taste and freshness I believe it.

The price was just around 75.00 plus tip, not bad at all for the meal. While we really loved our dinner we were a little nervous at first with both the strange combination of glassware and the bread (WARM UP YOUR BREAD!!!).

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  1. $75.00 sounds actually really decently priced. Had no idea y'all had dinner before going to the party; but then again I had been drinking since the early morning that day